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Why choose UK Online Agents to sell your home? Here's five reasons why like us you should stand out from the crowd...


Here at UK Online Agents we know where your buyers are, ON THE INTERNET! Therefore you don't need to pay an expensive high street agent.

Did you know the most popular time for the UK to search for their next home is between 7pm and 9pm on a Tuesday evening? Is your high street agent open then? NO! Are UK Online Agents open then? YES!

We can, and do, literally save our customers thousands of pounds. You wont miss a single viewing with us, we even have a free valuation service. Ditch the expensive high street agent and #JoinTheChange


Have you ever looked at a property brochure and thought ‘boring!’ Us too!!! Do you feel the photos are most important? We do and so does the UK!

Thats why our brochures are different. Or marketing is direct, informative, unique and current. Whether a potential buyer for your home downloads your brochure, we email / text it, they see it on our app or social media sites, or even if we snail mail it, your property will stand out.

Standing out from the crowd without paying an extortionate fee, take a look yourselves...


How does this work? Not only can we sell your existing home, we can also negotiate your offer on your next home. Why? Sometimes it can be difficult to deal with your typical estate agent as our clients have told us from their own previous experience, i.e unreturned phone calls, no updates and limited information about your offer, maybe even feeling like you're being lied to.

This is why we offer this negotiation service as part of one of our packages and as an optional extra on our other packages, to get you the best deal on your next purchase whichever agent you buy it off.

We’ve saved our vendors £1000’s on their next purchase and taken the daunting, stressful negotiation experience off them. We’ve even negotiated for our vendors buying in Spain and Australia! Your UK Online Agent is there to make the whole process as easy as possible, and to save you money!


UK Online Agents has chosen the best the UK has to offer for all your mortgage requirements and conveyancing needs. Our mortgage advisors will search the whole of the market to get you the very best deal with a friendly, approachable service.

Mortgage Advice Bureau

For more information on our services visit https://hello.mortgageadvicebureau.com/uk-online-agents.

The solicitors we have sourced for you not only have a very competitive fee but they will keep you updated throughout your property sale via email text or phone call! You’ll know exactly what's going on at every stage of your sale and purchase.


UK Online Agents auction service is totally free of charge to you, our vendor. Sounds too good to be true? Honestly, it is true! UK Online Agents offer you this unique way to sell your property.

Not every property in the UK will be suitable for auction but if you're realistic with the figure you want to achieve you can get the money in your bank account within 28 days or less, with no estate agent fee! UK Online Agents will advise you fully on selling/ buying your property via auction.